Sectional garage gates

Technically mature decisions and high-quality materials - these are our two guidelines which we use during gate's production. We strive that you buying Stekloplast gates bought high-qulity, reliable and safe gates at affordable price, and feel only comfort while using them. We are offering garage sectional gates of ALUTECH production, which have demand at CIS and Baltic countries and also in Germany, France, Austria, Holland, Czech Republic and other countries of western and eastern Europe.


  • Strength and good security

    Special densifier excludes appearance of airspaces between panels, providing high heat- and noise insulation.

    Space between walls filled up with foamed polyurethane without freons. This polyurethane secure from cold and supports comfort temperature in premise.

    Panel made of galvanized steel with high-quality polymer coating. This coating has high anticorrosion properties and resisnant to scratches.

    One of the strongest panels in Europe
  • Security for all family

    In gate's construction forseen protection against leaf dropping and fingers jam, also protection against catch and cut. Protection systems availavle in standard gates and delivere without any additional price mark up.

    Gates of ALUTECH production totally corresponds to requirements of European safety standards: EN 12604; EN 12453; EN 12424; EN 12425; EN 12426.

  • Economy of space at your garage

    Thanks to its construction, sectional gates keep free space in front of garage and save dimensions of passage.

    Stekloplast gates of ALUTECH production may be installed almost in any garage door. Minimum height of lintel necessary for gate's installation is 10 cm.


    Energy efficiency

    High heat insulation characteristics of ALUTECH gates approved by tests at laboratories of:


      Saint-Petersburg state architecture-construction university. Test programm developed jointly with federal state unitary enterprise "Russian national research institute of metrology named by D. I. Mendeleyev";


      Scientific-research institute (Bulgaria).