Modern gates have stepped far ahead in comparison with strange analogs and even constructions of 20-30 years ago. Their effective use is controlled by automatic systems, additional means of protection. Different door models offer increased reliability, combined with comfort and ease of use.

Construction of modern gates

For different purposes, the most suitable gate variants can be used, which will become the basis for protecting a private or industrial area. The company Stekloplast (Dnepropetrovsk) was one of the first in Ukraine to master the production of a gate of different sizes at a price acceptable to the buyer.

Sectional garage gates for garage

A very popular and practical category of our products is sectional gates for garage and other structures. They are distinguished by increased reliability, and the most safe use. During their opening or closing, you can not worry if there are children nearby. Multifunctional automatic gates have protection against falling of a cloth, cuts and pinch of fingers.

Sliding, swinging gates and wickets

High-quality entrance gates, represented by a large selection of models, among which the most positive reviews have rolling options. Such automatic gates are manufactured with the use of high-quality components that determine the reliable operation and long life of these structures. Swing gates and wickets are the preferred choice for limited space. They are more accessible and have excellent operational characteristics.

Industrial sectional doors

Industrial entrance gates are high-tech structures that are designed for high intensity use. These elements of industrial structures allow creating optimal conditions for energy saving and increased protection of facilities in which gates are installed.

Choosing a gate in the company Stekloplast

The company Stekloplast offers high quality gates at the most favorable prices. A wide selection of product models and the best conditions for cooperation, allow you to order a suitable gate without overpayments. Visitors to the site can see photo designs and their components that are used in the production of the gate.

We offer to buy sectional garage doors and other types of our products. Call, and we can find a solution for you!