Production of double-glazed windows under TM Stekloplast - it is complex of moderm equipment (LISEC, Germany) that allows to produce up to 2500 articles per day. All double-glazed windows produced in compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian national standardization system independently of thier configuration.

Stages of double-glazed window's production:

  • Фото — company-about-Порезка

    1. Cutting of glass

    Accurate cutting is made on automatic tables for cutting works which size is 6000*3210 mm. Adjustable pressing of cutter allows to prevent glass chipping. Transportation on air-pillow exclude any scratches.

    Automatic removal of metal spatter on the depth of sealed seam along the perimeter of double-glazed window, protects end product against energy-saving and multifunctional coating damage.

  • Фото — company-about-Изготовление

    2. Production of distance-type frame

    Distance-type frame is produce on automatic bending machines. Thanks to using bend method and fillig up frame with molecular sieve of good quality we reach ideal hermiticity of double-glazed window.

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    3. Washing, fitting, sealing

    When glass is cleaned with pure water and dried up, double-glazed window is pressing, fills up with dry air or argon and goes on secondary sealing

    Glas's purity and quality of sealing provides automatic washing and assembly line. It is include washer with special brush and soft coverage of height 2500 mm, flat press for high quality pressing of double-glazed windows, extruding machine for double-level sealing, machine for filling double-glazed windows with argon.

  • Фото — company-about-Маркировка

    4. Marking

    All elements of end product should be marked on each production stage, without errors of production cycle.

Production of standard metal-plastic constructions

In our production cycle we use equipment of leading worldwide producers (Sturtz, Federgenn, Rotox, Aluma) and this allows us to produce 1800 constructioner per day, saving high quality all the time. All constructions produced in compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian national standardization system independently of thier configuration.

Stages of standard metal-plastic window's production:

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    1. Cutting

    Cutting of PVC window profile and metal reinforcers performed with help of two-headed automatic saw Emmegi CLASSIC MAGIC 500. Accuracy in sizes holds to millimetre.

  • Фото — company-about-Армирование

    2. Reinforcing

    High-tech machining center Sturtz connect reinforcement with PVC-profile with help of automatic screwdriver and it is also make marking for counter-catch, drills drain ports and holes for transom bar and handle, does shaping for locking bar.

  • Фото — company-about-Сваривание

    3. Welding and cleaning of seams

    Frames and shutters weld simultaneously in four corners to provide hermeticity and firmness to end products. Operation is made on four-headed automatic welding machine Sturtz SE-HSM-30/26 Compact.

    Heating conditions of welding controlled by program. This is exclude presence of bad welding seams. Then frame goes to cleaning machine Sturtz 2AS-JS.

  • Фото — company-about-Установка

    4. Furniture installation

    Furniture should be placed on frame' and shutter's parts after cleaning of seams. Operation is made on straping tables FM 3002 and frame station RM 4000. Such equipment allows to install furniture with defined by producer accuracy.

  • Фото — company-about-Сборка

    5. Assembling, glazing

    Assembling of construction - is final stage of window's production. Installation of leaf on the frame, assembling of additional elements, installation of folding layer, double-glazed window and glazing beads accompanied by checking of geometrical parameters and correspondence to technical enquiry.

  • Фото — company-about-Качество

    6. Quality control

    After glazing bead installation QC department check product and window goes on warehouse of finished products.

Production of irregular metal-plastic constructions

Irregular constructions (arch, triangular, oval, trapezoidal, spheric, multangular) are made on the line of irregular constructions. Production technique of irregular products opens freedom of choice for admirers of individual architecture style. Alomost all nonstandard windows could be openned with guaranty of water-, noise- and heat insulation

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Stekloplast' collection of colors

  • Фото — company-about-Золотой дуб Золотой дуб
  • Фото — company-about-Махагон Махагон
  • Фото — company-about-Дуб рустикаль Дуб рустикаль
  • Фото — company-about-Мореный дуб Мореный дуб
  • Фото — company-about-Грецкий орех Грецкий орех
  • Фото — company-about-Светлый дуб Светлый дуб
  • Фото — company-about-Горная сосна Горная сосна
  • Фото — company-about-Полосатый дуглас Полосатый дуглас
  • Фото — company-about-Натуральный дуб Натуральный дуб
  • Фото — company-about-Серый Серый
  • Фото — company-about-Зеленый мох Зеленый мох
  • Фото — company-about-Винно-красный Винно-красный
  • Фото — company-about-Коричневый шоколадный Коричневый шоколадный

If lamination is on one side (only from inner or outer side) we use traditional white profile. In case of double-sided lamination it is proper to use color profile (dark brown or creamy).

  • Фото — company-about-Производство роллет

Rollet's production

Production of protective rollets is made at specialized Stekloplast' production unit. Specialists come through special training and perfectly know special methods and techniques for rollet's production, collection and adjustment.

  • Фото — company-about-Заготовка

    Preliminary storage of profile and cut of slides is made in accordance to set-up parameters. Aeration devices, which connected to saws, and special coating of assembly table prevent mechanical damages during production cycle..

  • Фото — company-about-Фрезеровка

    Hole's shaping for crossbar lock is performing with cylinder saw BIMETALL D 27. Holes made with this machine tool have smooth edges (without scratches).

  • Фото — company-about-Сборка

    Later goes assembling of rollets, installation of duct line, packing and delivery of product as soon as possible

Gate's production

Stekloplast offers to customers gates of ALUTECH production. On the enterprise "ALUTECH GATE SYSTEMS" is using high-tech equipment which specially made for sectional gate's production. Gate's production covered by computer network and it allows to monitor and control each item and reduce production time to minimum.

Advanced technologies and qualified stuff secure production of competitive products.

ALUTECH sectional gates correspond to requirements of building EU directive in the area of good's safety and this is approved by test reports issued by European accredited laboratory. Presence of declaration of correspondance allows to do marking CE on ALUTECH garage and industrial gates.

Фото — company-about-Производство аллюминиевых конструкций

Production of aluminum constructions

Aluminum constructions produced by Stekloplast totally correspond to Ukrainian national standardization system. Stekloplast is the leading processer of aluminum profile systems for windows, doors, curtain walls (facades), dome-shaped roofs, verandas, balustrades, folding doors and other building envelopes which are used during construction of new bildings and reconstruction of old ones.

  • Engineering department have priority over production cycle. Specialists are working out engineering solution which will serve as warrant of reliability, safety and functionality, they also prepare cutting chart and request for double-glazed windows.

    Cut of profiles for aluminum constructions is made with automatic double-headed saw EMMEGI CLASSIC MAGIC, 500 TU. Raw stocks are cutted in couples and this allows to observe dimensional accuracy to millimeters.

  • Milling machine PRIZMA 600 allows to do profile' cutting at angle and produce broken facades.

    Shaping of ideally smooth holes for handles, butts, locks and weather boards is making without human participation on machining center Phantomatic Т4 А. Then elements of facade constructions are packed and trasported directly to construction site for subsequent installation. Concerning parts of window-door constructions - they are coming for coner's pressing on machine PRESTO 1800 and completely knocked down.

QC department

Control mechanism of factors which have influence on window's production is well-adjusted by QC department. Incoming inspection is compulsory for all component parts and materials and also line control present at all production sites. Strength tests for checking welds and hermiticity of double-glazed window are made regularly. ПBefore living plant each end product should be checked by inspector of quality control department (QC department) for perfection of external view (absence of small surface damages) and working capacity (free running of leaves at the opening/closing, easy turn of handle, perfect contact and so on). QC inspectors are one of the most experienced employees at Stekloplast' plant.

Shipping yard

In order to protect constructions against mechanic damages during transportation, each end product is packing in special stretch film (laminated products cover with double packaging) and transported in closed trucks, equiped with special pyramids