We produce windows since 1997.

Every day we think how to do our work better, how to create windows that will bring only joy and pleasure, windows without any troubles.

Each new necessity, each question and wish of our client teaches and helps us.

Each day with each newly installed window our experience is growing, appear new rules thanks to which we do really correct windows.

What's the meaning of correct windows?

This is the most qualitative materials, hi-tech production, qualified employees, careful and attentive managers, punctual measurers, skilful adjusters and understanding service.

Each day all over team is working hard to make installation and exploitation process more comfortabale for people. Because we are working not for the weal of windows. The major rule of Stekloplast is to make our clients happy and glad.

We know the rules and that's why we are doing correct windows since 1997, so that they will bring happyness in each home.

Stekloplast. Windows by rules. Since 1997.