• Фото — company-about-Александр Букуч

    Aleksandr Bukuch

    Started his work at company as employee of technical department (2004), later became deputy manager of metal-plastic window's unit (2012). Today he is manage metal-plastic window's unit (2013).

    «Frankly speaking I'm not careerist. I just worked conscientiously all these years. Apparently I good coped with set tasks.

    Not only my career connected with Stekloplast, but also my personal happiness. Six years ago I met here my future wife».

  • Фото — company-about-Дмитрий Душин

    Dmitriy Dushin

    In career development went through stages of adjuster (2001), foreman at lamination section (2008), headman at section of film sticking (2007), headman at lamination section (2009). Since 2013 occupies position of double-glazed window's production foreman.

    "I grew up in this company from working man into TOP-manager. And understood that nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Let it be with small steps, let it be slowly… but always move forward.

    My carreer - is not only my achievement. All these years I was surround by correct and worthy people. I like my team, my collective".

  • Фото — company-about-Ольга Дудка

    Olga Dudka

    Started here carreer as seller at showroom in 2010. Within one year became administrator of showroom's chain in Dnipropetrovsk. Since 2012 she is the Head of Ukrainian retail chain Stekloplast.

    "It is pleasant that I started from zero of strategy that accepted today - service and client-centeredness. For me this position is very close. I realize with proud that our strategy formed thanks to my efforts too.

    I stand up for my team with all my might!".

  • Фото — company-about-Татьяна Тимчишина

    Tatiana Tymchishina

    Started as saller at showroom in 2007. In 2009 received post of manager to support dealer's orders. Since 2012 she is the Head of Stekloplast representation office in Crimea.

    "Stekloplast is my first job experience. This is the place where my character become harder. At the company work only strong personalities and next to them you become the same. This is big part of my life - with Stekloplast I formed as employee, trained such important qualities as insularity, responsibility, attention, diligence. I learnt to put goals and persue them. Thanks to educative trainings happened my maturation and personal enrichment. It is imposible to stay on the same place at Stakloplast - constant dynamical development of the company and stimulation of employees, all this promotes growth and moving forward!

    Company always in condition of development, tries to be one step forward, implementation of new products, ideas, new approaches - all these impossible without proper development of emloyees. Many efforts, emotions and material costs spent on education and growth of employees and companions. In difficult times you can always count on support from colleagues and company".

  • Фото — company-about-Станислав Тяпкин

    Stanislav Tyapkin

    In 2000 came to Stekloplast as adjuster. Within one year was transferred on post of technical specialist measurer). In 2006 was head of construction department. Sincе 2012 occupies post of Stekloplast's technical director.

    "My schedule depends on circumstances. Sometimes, in high season, I have to be in three different cities at the same time. I spent a lot of time at the wheel. I like to watch as skyscrapers are growing and which we glazing. I love to create interesting engineering solutions. I respect my colleagues. We live in same format".

  • Фото — company-about-Елена Кондратенко

    Elena Kondratenko

    In 1998 came to the company as junior customer service manager. In 2007 became development manager. In 2010 received post of the Head division to support orders. And since 2012 she received under control also regional representation offices of Stekloplast all over Ukraine.

    "I came here young girl after graduation. Now I'm Head one of the key departments. Of corse I grew up as professional and personality during these years, studied to manage people, be effective at my post and find out potential of others. I like people I work with. I like clients (dealers). I feel sincere respect to them and admire their business talant. As mother of two children I impressed with company's stability".