Company Stekloplast — is big nationwide company. Hundreds of people are working each day at production, head office, showrooms and regional offices to make cosiness and comfort in homes of Stekloplast' products buyers.


Production — is basis of our company. Main task for production — is to produce high quality product. That's why for employees of production complex we create maximally comfortable conditions to work.

  • Production is robotized at most. Hand labour reduced to minimum.
  • Programms for stuff development are working. Particularly, the biggest part of vacant executive positions hold employees of the company, not outside experts.
  • On the territory of production complex working canteen and shower for its employees. By the way, food is tasty and cheap.
  • It is easy to reach our production departments on public transport. Production complex is placed in the center of Dnepropetrovsk.


Office employees fulfil accompanying function and act as buffer between production and sell service. At the office are working such departments as marketing and purchasing, bookkeeping and service, HR, division of order's support, transport department, engineering office, financial department and many other departments that necessary for the company.