• Step 6

    Selection of locking system for rollets

Taking care of you and your relatives

On the basis of your wishes and depending on requirements to safety and functionality, company Stekloplast offers several variants of rollet's blocking.


  • Фото – blinds-Crossbar lock, manual collar beam

    Crossbar lock, manual collar beam

    Allows to lock rollet leaf in lowermost position: crossbar lock — on key outside and inside premise; manual collar beam — on fastener inside premise.

  • Фото – blinds-Blocking collar beam, fixing profile

    Blocking collar beam, fixing profile

    These variants foresee automatic blocking of rollets with crowfoot drive or electric drive.

  • Фото – blinds-Automatic fixing device (autolock)

    Automatic fixing device (autolock)

    Use for automatiс blocking of rollet leaf in lowermost position.