• Step 5

    The choice of control roller blinds

Cleaver solutions for comfort life

Selection of rollet controlling system depends on requirements to easiness of operation, size and weight of rollet leaf.


  • Automatic operation of rollets

    Automatic operation provides the most comfortable and multifunctional maintenance of rollets.

    With one press of the button your can operate by all rollets simultaniously or each separately. You can make it sitting on the couch, bed or at table.

    Intelligent operation systems - preset timers, transducer of light and warmth, wind and rain — will give comfort.


      Programmed time for rollets lifting up and down for one day, week or month;


      Fixation of optimal position allows partially to move down rollet for creation of shadow;


      Time of lifting rollets up and down is shifting irregularly — it is emulation mode as if owner at house.


      Rollets operation with help of warmth and light detector depending on temperature in premise and intensity of sunlight;


      Rollets operation depending on weather conditions.

    Фото – blinds-manual drives
  • ALUTECH manual drives

    Manual drives are optimal for premises with few windows and small apartures. They will perfectly fit for cottages and small offices.

    Wide range of ALUTECH drives includes:


      Cord inertial drive (up to 15 kg);/p>


      Cord gear drive (up to 20kg);


      Cord drive (up to 80 kg);/p>


      Spring-inertial mechanism (from 6 to 80 kg).

    • Фото – blinds-Spring-inertial mechanismSpring-inertial mechanism (SIM)
    • Фото – blinds-Cord inertial driveCord inertial drive
    • Фото – blinds-Cord gear driveCord gear drive