• Step 4

    Selection of guide tires


Electrical drives NICE are perfect for automatization of rolling and hinged gates with easy pressing of button on remote control you can operate all incoming groups synchronically or each separately.


  • Фото – blinds-Standard tires

    Standard tires

    Use for standard rollet constructions with basic rollet requirements.

  • Фото – blinds-Distance tires<

    Distance tires

    Use to distance rollets from window-door apartures.

  • Фото – blinds-Reinforced tires

    Reinforced tires

    Use in rollet constructions for increasement of antiburgular protection.

  • Фото – blinds-Corner tires

    Corner tires

    For convinience of rollet installation in apartures of buildings which have external heat-insulating layer.

  • Фото – blinds-Dual tires

    Dual tires

    Use for combination of two and more rollets which allows to reduce cost of construction.

  • Фото – blinds-Accessories


    End caps for tires - for esthetic appearance of rollets.


Special inserts in guide tires provide additional noise insulation, smooth movement of rollet leaf and protection against dust.

Guide tires of ALUTECH supplied with insertions and insert-brushes already.