• Step 2

    Selection of rollet profile type

Types of rollet profiles

Resistance to wind pressure

Selection of profile type depends on may factors - desired degree of inbreak protection, wind pressure, and, of course, from size of aperture. We can offer perfect solutions for any house and for any case.


  • Фото – blinds-Profiles of roller drawing

    Profiles of roller drawing

    Made of high quality aluminum strap with 2-layer paint coat with soft or hard ecologically clean foam filler — without hydrocarbonic and fluochloride compounds (11 nominal sizes: from 36 to 55 mm).

    Rollets from profiles of roller drawing — it is variant that prefectly suits for private houses and offices.

  • Фото – blinds-Extruded profiles

    Extruded profiles

    Rollets from extruded profiles with increased protection against inbreak are great decision for offices, stores and banks.

    Differs with raised resistance to inbreak thanks to thicker walls (1-1,5 mm) and presence of transversal rib.

    Rollets from extruded profiles of ALUTECH production certified on class to inbreak resistance P3 and P4 in accordance to all-Union State Standard (herein after GOST) Р 52502-2005, GOST Р 52503-2005, STB 51.2.03-2000.


Special offer - antiburglar rollet systems certified on class to inbreak resistance P5.