• Step 1

    Selection of type and series of protective panel

Types of protective panels

  • Фото – blinds-Система вбудованих коробів

    System of built-in panels

    If you plan to build or reconstruct house than this is perfect variant. Key feature of this system — hidden installation of panel in building facade into preliminary prepared aperture in front of window or door.

     Installation of built-in panels recommended to plan on stage of project development.
  • Фото – blinds-External protective panels

    External protective panels

    Rollets with external panel can be installed on any stage of construction — in already built building and in new projects on stage of construction. Rollets can be installed in window and door apertures and also inside and outside the premise.

Series of protective panels

Depending on building architecture and your desires we can select appropriate exactly to your house type of rollet systems and kind of rollet panel. Company Stekloplast offers few series of protective panels of ALUTECH production for transferrable assembling — round, semi-round, 20° and 45°.

  • 20° and 45° series of protective panels — is classic decision for rollet systems, perfectly fits for buildings with strict geometry.

    • Фото – blinds-SB-45-SERIESSeries SB45Nominal sizes: 125 — 405 мм
    • Фото – blinds-SB-20-SERIESSeries SB20Nominal sizes: 137 — 205 мм
  • Round and semi-round panels* will successfully accentuate smoothiness and harmonicity of all elements in facade.

    Round panels will perfectly complete facades of wooden houses made of roundup timber.

    • Фото – blinds-SB-R-SERIESRound protective panel Series
      SB-R (rollforming)
      SB-P/RE (extruded)
      Nominal sizes: 137 — 205 мм
    • Фото – blinds-SB-QR-SERIESSemi-round protective panel Series
      SB-QR (rollforming)
      SB-P/RE (extruded)
      Nominal sizes: 137 — 205 мм

    *This position in complete set will increase order delivery on 3 weeks.