• Rollets

    We are offering you to choose rollets for your home in 7 steps

The best decision for your house

The most part of the day we spend in premise, that's why it is so important to feel comfort, coziness and safety at house. Rollets from Stekloplast — it is variety of variants, wide possibilities to give any building desired atmosphere and required functionality.

  • Фото – blinds-Protection against inbreak

    Protection against inbreak

    Safekeeping of property, entirety of windows and display stands. Special offer from Stekloplast - burglar-resistant systems of ALUTECH production.

  • Energy saving

    Energy saving

    Rational usage of air conditioners and heaters due to additional keeping of warmth in winter and cool in summer.

  • Фото – blinds-Sun protection

    Sun protection

    Keeping of comfort cool in hot days, protection of curtains, furniture and carpets against fading under the influence of sun.

  • Фото – blinds-Protection against bad weather

    Protection against bad weather

    Reliable security of your private life and privacy at own home.

  • Фото – blinds-Protection against bad weather

    Protection against bad weather

    Effective protection of windows against rain, snow, hail, wind, dust. Broken away branches or items picked up by wind won't damage your windows.

  • Фото – blinds-Защита от шума

    Noise protection

    Decrease of unwanted sounds level for more effective work and pleasant rest.

  • Фото – blinds-Сохранение тепла

    Protection against winter

    Using of rollets from Stekloplast significantly increase summarized heat transmission resistance of window (up to 50%).