Project management

Rule # 22

Respond to the call to the Service Center,
as a signal about the fire.

Stekloplast. The window according to the rules.

The project management system is a standard system in the performance of all work by the specialists of Stekloplast:

  • Project Manager, whose Master’s degree in Building Engineering is a must, is responsible for all stages of work from the moment of signing the contract with a customer untill facility  commissioning;
  • As early as the planning stage, the Head of the Project analyzes the project to optimize the costs of installation work
  • A clear system of planning and a planned-stage construction reduce the duration of the project;
  • Project Manager’s area of responsibility includes monitoring the quality of products delivered to the facility as well  as the control of installation work, the consistency control  of work performed according  to design solutions specified in  the design documents.
  • Systematic maintenance of projects database, calculations, drawings, cost accounts, contracts, and applications for every constructional project.


The company's specialists have been trained at the Kiev-Mohyla Business School in the Program for Management Development "Project Management", which is confirmed by the certificates.