Rule # 2

To play in the team.To play beautifully

Stekloplast. The window according to the rules.

Systematic work on the project begins with tacheometry (total stations), where measurements are done by the company’s own tacheometric department. We work on the entire project on a "turnkey"basis, i.e., we translate the vision of the architect into working  "correct" drawings and working projects that meet modern requirements: efficiency, environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.We  arrange the windows in the design position, i.e., we work as "a good tailor" to customize facades and windows into the actual size of the object.

  • To construct a digital 3D information model of  buildings in DWG format according to tacheometric data
  • To stake out axes, parts and structural elements of buildings
  • To deliver and receipt building grid lines as well  as bench mark elevation from the General Contractor
  • To lay out elevation marks
  • Tacheometric measurement of windows aperture
  • Tacheometric measurement of cladding of the building (pre-construction survey)
  • Tacheometric measurement of building dimensions
  • To prepare  the evaluation report (the digitized amount of deviation of the actual size of the building from the project size );
  • Intermediate control of project location of consructions being mounted
  • Geo – tech final survey of mounted constructions


The following equipment is used upon geodetic work:


Leica TS09plus R500

Best-in-class laser range finder (EDM)

With rangefinder PinPoint, FlexLineplus provides an optimum balance of accuracy, range, reliability, beam visibility, laser dot size and measurement time.

  • Precision  1.5 mm + 2 ppm to reflector
  • Precision 2 mm + 2 ppm to any surface
  • Speed - 1 second
  • Focusing range 1000 m without reflector
  • The coaxial visible laser and measurement  beam



Reflectorless Total Station Topcon GPT-7500 Series provides a new level of flexibility in working with surveying equipment.

Reflectorless Total Station GPT-7500 have two modes of reflectionless measurements: from 1.5 m to 250 m and from 5 m to about 2000 meters. Such distance measurements, on the one hand, increases the productivity of field surveys in comparison with other models, on the other hand, significantly widens the possible applications of instruments.



The laser level for vertical alignment LV1 transmits a  planned position of the standing point of the device  to the zenith. LV1 has a visible laser beam of red color that allows the Surveyor to watch the beam crossing all the planes at a distance of up to 100m.

Center adjustment is carried out by a  built-in laser plummet for a distance up to 5m. Combined, air-magnetic damping is applied in the compensator.

  • Zenith centering in the construction of high-rise buildings
  • Specific tasks in the industrial survey  


Prism system HD19

Prism system for installation on a tripod has  a reflector constant 30/0 mm. When screwing the prism into the opposite side of the holder, the reflector constant changes as it has  two-sided sighting line, and each side indicates the reflector constant of the system.