Rule # 10

To speak with a client in a language he understands.

Stekloplast. The window according to the rules.

Aluminum department of Stekloplast  works according to the following structure:


Engineering Design Unit


  • Comprehensive assessment and commercial validation of projects
  • Tacheometry
  • Calculations and testing operations
  • Elaboration of design documentation
  • Logistics
  • Project management
  • Technical and architectural supervision. 


The industrial division

Production of translucent structures based on aluminum profile systems:

  • Windows
  • Doors and entrances
  • Stained-glass windows
  • Facades
  • Conservatories, fixed skylights and roof windows (skylights),
  • Integrated Production IGUs (insulated glass units)
  • Manufacture of aluminum composite materials
  • Production of metal constructions
  • Production of self-supporting mesh structures


Installation and maintanance unit

  • Installation of translucent structures
  • Installing curtain facade systems
  • Installation of metal structures and decorative elements
  • Chief installation
  • Maintenance of building facades