Self-supporting mesh structures

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The company “Stekloplast” designs and produces self-supporting mesh structures which are unique in their physical and mechanical characteristics, composed of steel (or aluminum) rod and node elements. This makes mounting the most complex structures easy.

The construction is assembled without using welding technologies. All structural connections are bolted, which provides both additional structural strength and increases speed  of production and assembly. Space frame allows the mutual substitution of any structural elements without changing the load-carrying  ability of the building.

Designing of the building is an important part of defining the aesthetics, structural features and basic parameters of the future building, or its specific element . At this stage, architects and designers of the company “Stekloplast” can help realize any bold  ideas of the customer.


The safety  and durability of construction greatly improve owing to ideal calculation of structural connections and high accuracy in assembling.

Thorough engineering study at the projecting phase is a key characteristic of the working style of the company “Stekloplast”.

Highly qualified specialists of the company “Stekloplast” have successful experience in the designing, manufacturing and installation of customized construction sites, where specially designed construction is required. Along with the developing  individual design solutions, we offer a range of standard constructive solutions, with the ready design documentation. The company “Stekloplast” participates in the development of large-scale projects.

The advantages of self-supporting mesh designs

1.The possibility to build surfaces of any shapes and scales

2. The possibility of developing whether unique  or  typical design solutions

3. High accuracy

4. High-speed of designing, manufacturing and installation, and as a consequence a reduction in construction time.

5. The possibility of installation whether  indoor  or  outdoor (so the type of design is motivated by the desire of the customer and architectural design.

6. suitable for all roofing materials (glass, stainless steel and composite materials)

 We offer our Customers self-supporting  mesh structures that are capable of  solving the most complex architectural tasks:

Long span structures (up to 100m) Building envelopes
The domes and vaults Free forms
Facade systems Bridges and passages