Integrated facade solutions

Rule # 2

To play in the team.To play beautifully

Stekloplast. The window according to the rules.

Stekloplast  is a family company founded in 1997.

At the beginning of its history Stekloplast was a powerful full-cycle plant for the production of windows,  metal and aluminum doors, as well as double-glazed windows, shutters, gates and exterior facades.

Since 2003, Stekloplast has been in the market of development and delivery of integrated  solutions in the field of facade construction.

Today Stekloplast is a leader in the production of energy-saving glass constructions and  the largest engineering company in Ukraine in the terms of  the volume of work performed.

Experts of the company carry out a full range of facade works  from designing to facility commissioning, including tacheometry, approval of technical documentation, installation of ventilated facades, facade glazing as well as technical and architectural supervision.

The production division of the company combined ventilated facades and translucent structures, aluminum glass windows, fixed skylights and roof windows (skylights), windows and window constructions, doors and entrances as well as conservatories.


High quality of work is achieved by the selection of advanced materials and systems, using modern technology and precise project management. Through this approach, Stekloplast is able to realize  projects of the boldest design and of any complexity.

Having real-world experience in going through each stage of the work with facades, we carry a consolidated responsibility for the quality, timing and cost of the entire facade of the project and ensure its successful implementation.

The basic principles of Stekloplast work performance is the embodiment of large-scale construction projects, as well as combination of rationality, aesthetics and innovative technology. The experience gained by Stekloplast in the market of complex facade solutions, continuous development and the search for new technologies and materials, all of this make Stekloplast reliable partner for its customers.