Aluminum constructions

Rule # 2

To play in the team.To play beautifully

Stekloplast. The window according to the rules.

Aluminum constructions offer wide opportunities to realize unique constructive and color schemes. Using properties of materials, company Stekloplast creates real "architectural poems" when glazing private houses, appartments, stores, offices, and also big constructions and entire group of buildings.


Aluminum constructions


The possibilities of modern aluminum construction, impressive scale and complexity of implementing engineering solutions. These projects are being implemented with the help of modern technologies, which allow you to create thoughtful design of future structures and pre-determine the features of its construction. With this production of aluminum structures occurs in stages with clear temporal separation. Thus, a team of experts works quickly and ensures the completion of the installation within a specified time. Therefore it is better to work with professionals who can help make your dream a reality.

The original aluminum design for your home

Great option for private home or country cottage will facade aluminum structures that extend the space added to it more light, airiness and lightness. The combination of metal and glass, is part of the industrial architecture, but at the same time, as part of a supplement, translucent design in perfect harmony with the environment, natural materials and landscaping. Therefore, there are no restrictions in the determination of the exterior and interior, combined with aluminum structures. Regardless of the style preferences for each unique home made aluminum structures that are a natural extension of space.

More offers for residential houses, commercial buildings and offices

The company offers Stekloplast aluminum structures of any complexity for the expansion and optimization of the space, the creation of special zones for the purpose and implementation of complex architectural projects. High-tech production and professional staff guarantee successful results of cooperation. Each customer can order the translucent structures of any shape and functionality. Quality construction aluminum construction in Dnepropetrovsk offers creation balconies, office partitions, conservatories, glass roofs and more. Complete construction of boring modern aluminum facade designs that reveal their advantages over conventional extensions. To dare to order such structures, it is necessary to see photos of modern European architecture, which is not complete without a glass of ease and reliability of the metal.