Программа IQ energy в UKRSIBBANK

Программа IQ energy в UKRSIBBANK

Уважаемые клиенты, по Вашим просьбам компания Stekloplast совместно с UKRSIBBANK предлагает вашему вниманию программу IQ-energy 💥35 % компенсации от UKRSIBBANK

Уникальное предложение на рынке Украины. Получите 35% компенсации от суммы кредита на энергоэффективные товары по программе IQ energy!

Сертификат от aluplast

Сертификат от aluplast

Компания Stekloplast благодарит надежного партнера компанию aluplast ( Aluplast Middle East - UPVC Window Profiles Systems ) за почетную награду 📜

Обучающий семинар "Инновации от aluplast и теплый монтаж"

Обучающий семинар "Инновации от aluplast и теплый монтаж"

6 апреля 2018 года, состоялся обучающий семинар под названием "Инновации от aluplast и теплый монтаж", который проходил в ресторанно-гостиничном комплексе “Road Star”. Мероприятие было организовано несколькими частями...

О компании Stekloplast

Stekloplast then

History of the company dates back to 1997 from the general discussion of business ideas on the birthday party of the CEO, Natalii Yeremeevoy. 

In the same year we opened our first office in our native town Dnepropetrovsk, and after a few years, as the company grows, our windows have been available all over Ukraine. 

That's when we became the first domestic manufacturer of metal-plastic window and door systems.

Stekloplast today

Nowadays Stekloplast is a major national manufacturer of windows throughout Ukraine. Our mission is to produce high-quality Ukrainian product with the use of modern technology to ensure that our customers receive only the best plastic windows and doors.

Regional offices of Stekloplast are represented in 24 regions of Ukraine, which makes it possible to glaze every Ukrainian house and create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. It is the quality of products and care about our customers have allowed us to become leaders in the industry, and the experience gained and new technological capabilities help to implement even the boldest and rather unusual projects.

We provide a full range of services for the production, sale and installation of metal-plastic translucent structures and aluminum products. Here you can find windows of standard and custom configurations, structural aluminum and rolladens, as well as metal and plastic products.

Our suppliers are leading manufacturers of aluminum profiles, PVC, glass and furniture from Europe. And all of the structures of any configuration are made according to the requirements of DSTU.

Stekloplast. Windows by rules.